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Cicotour tailor-made travel agency: Tell us your budget and we realize the package of your dream. Then we personalize your trips, with solutions better adapted to your requests. In fact, our service is a time saver in your travels but also in on-site logistics. Your vacation time is accurate. We define with you a suitable travel policy, in compliance with your economic constraints.

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Cicotour tailor-made travel agency will offer you all the ideal conditions to grow your soul in heavenly places but in the greatest efficiency of your customized trip and group. Because we will give you good advice to organize your trip as well as possible. In addition, Cicotour guarantees and secures you in a clear, authentic and transparent speech.

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Cicotour tailor-made travel agency aims to be your real interlocutor. However it is your Guarantor for an optimal quality of service, because it is surrounded by a qualified team and ensures with it the follow-up of the definite plan of action. .You can put your luggage, by settling in a place that has destined you.recognized and appreciated by its customers for the strong values it conveys.

Top Destinations

Dakar capital of Sénégal

DAKAR capital of Sénégal cosmopolitan city A metropolitan city, political, military, economic, social and cultural, Dakar is a city that is both cosmopolitan, African and European, it has more than 2.5 million inhabitants. DAKAR capital of Sénégal : main attractions: The presidential palace – the IFAN museum (dedicated to the arts and traditions of West […]

The region of Casamance

The region of Casamance A real Africa, like postcard, with fruits, deep forests and vast beaches, Casamance is in the south of Gambia is a unique region of Senegal. Above all Lower Casamance (western part) is the most turisticaLa lush tropical vegetation and culture of the Diola people apart from the rest of the country […]

Sine Saloum

the saloum islands A great historical and cultural richness, the natural region of Sine Saloum, south of the Petite-Côte, is a hybrid territory between land and sea. Thousands of islands and islets covered sometimes of earth, sometimes of mangrove or Mangroves constitute the bulk of the landscapes of the western half of the region. The […]

Eastern Senegal

bassary and bediks True part of the world, the eastern region of Senegal is certainly the richest in surprises and the country’s scenery; the borders of Mali and Guinea Conakry are nearby. It is a region very little urbanized, Africa as we can dream. Improving the road network has made it an easier access destination. […]

Saint Louis of Senegal and the river region

saint louis of senegal is a region of contrasts where the desert is omnipresent but where sugar cane fields proliferate along the river near Richard-Toll, where wildlife is rare but where parks like the Djoudj (World Heritage) host millions of birds every year. The visit of the region of Saint-Louis, with such a special welcome, […]

The Little Coast and its Beaches

The Little Coast and its beaches With the villages built on stilts of shells and its quiet beaches in Senegal, La Petite Côte is the most touristic region of the country. It covers nearly 70 km southeast of Dakar. Joal Fadiouth. An always calm sea, protected by the peninsula of Cape Verde which attenuates the […]



Mauritania Kingdom of nomadism, where pottery from North Africa and gold from Sudan passed through. from hand to hand, a land of exchanges criss-crossed for centuries by the great caravans that came to trade the salt of the desert for the millet of the savannah,We invite you to discover this Western Sahara where the landscapes […]

The Gambia

The Gambia The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa, with an area of 11,300 km2, landlocked in Senegal, created around the eponymous river. The Gambia is a landlocked country in West Africa, the smallest country in continental Africa. It stretches on both sides of the Gambia River, over nearly 450 km and has a […]

Cruise on the Senegal River

Cruise on the Senegal River From Saint-Louis, the former capital of the AOF located on the Atlantic Ocean, to Podor, the former trading post on the shores of the Sahara front, experience a unique cruise in Africa aboard the Bou el Mogdad. This mythical boat, once the only link between the populations of the River […]

Cicotour tailor-made travel agency Senegal

Cars and Coaches

Because the opinions of our customers are our best vector of communication, indeed they should be certified.

Coach rentals for a world without complications. Transparency and optimized services, trust us!

Specializes in logistics. We put at your disposal vehicles, buses, also minibuses, 4×4, at competitive rates.

Organizing a trip with Cicotour tailor-made travel agency a very important thing and one that needs to be well organized, especially when going out as a group. as well as you are professional, individual, family, friends. the logistics of coach or chauffeur driven, proves to be an advantageous option

However traveling in a group or business committee, meeting or traveling seminar, the coach hire allows to benefit from a vehicle adapted to the size of the tour circuit and comfortable: Can Cicotour rental suits all your projects and guarantees you a serious service with a professional driver. So, why make complicated when we can make it simple

If you are thinking about renting a bus with driver, Cicotour is the preferred intermediary to organize your trip. May it work with its own logistics and a multitude of bus company partnership with the hirers. So we offer you to completely manage your transport.

Because the opinions of our customers are our best vector of communication, they should be certified.

Cicotour tailor-made travel agency
  • Indeed Companies: transport of regular or occasional staff, accompaniment during seminars or congresses.
  • Then Individuals: weddings and various ceremonies.
  • Then The media: shooting clips or films, photo reports, cultural events.
  • Finally displacements in Senegal: we offer you a free quotation for a coach.
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