Cicotour Travel agency in Dakar

Your travel agency, Cicotour, welcomes you every day, to advise you in the organization of your trips whether they are from Dakar or anywhere in Senegal.

Just like a traveller who is eager to explore new horizons. Dive into the discovery of lost lands, Cicotour offers you to discover the destination Senegal with a view untouched by any image, any knowledge or any prejudice.

The objective of a tailor-made trip with Cicotour is to live each day as a discovery and different images; the goal being to live fully the “present moment”!

Travel agency in Dakar

On the other hand, the excitement of waking up every morning thirsting for an adventure and not knowing where you are going is compounded by the daily wonder of the surprise. Cicotour Travel Agency in Dakar offers you an authentic Senegal.

Discovery of the Pink Lake before joining the “Pearl of the North”, Saint-Louis. Then we go to meet the Sahelian villagers lost in the savannah then spend a night in the dunes of the desert of Lompoul. however we can not miss the beautiful Casamance. To conclude you finally on the beaches of Saly before your return home.

Travel agency in Dakar: The conclusion that follows from our experience as travellers is that it is the surprise, the unexpected, the experiences or the encounters with the local population. But it is these experiences that have created our most unforgettable memories! Because the unexpected brings intense emotions and more anchored than what is planned.

Cicotour Travel agency in Dakar

It is on the basis of experience that we decided to create our travel agency to Senegal. Indeed it is only composed by professional guides. However they listen to you, understand you and share your thirst to visit Senegal.

#Cicotour Travel agency in Dakar