Discover Senegal

True savannah landscapes composed of vast expanses of century-old baobab forests, Senegal presents an infinite number of faces. It is a crossroads of ethnic groups and traditions. Senegal offers you all the advantages in the tourist sector: It is rather one of the closest seaside destinations to Europe, with a sun that smiles at you almost 12 months out of 12,

Discover Senegal

Discover Senegal

However, the beauty of the sites is also natural and of great beauty, in fact its fauna and flora is very rich: parks and reserves more than 700 km of fine sandy beaches from south to north and above all the warm welcome of its population. Consequences: the constant increase in the number of tourists interested in discovering the deep country, meeting the traditions and customs of the local population and the dialogue of cultures.

go to Dakar, the capital of Senegal, which above all represents the economic lung of the whole country.

Discover Senegal: Visit the Retba Lake, which appears more pink in the dry season, but also in the middle of the day. This hue is due to the presence of an iron oxidising algae. The colours change according to the sun’s rays. The salt workers extract this white gold from the lake in the middle of the many salt dunes. The spectacle is quite interesting.

Discover Senegal:  the reserves and parks, quite numerous in Senegal. You will be able to make magnificent photos on board your 4 x 4 in the animal reserve of Bandia then go north towards the ornithological park of Dioudj, it is classified as the 3rd world reserve by UNESCO. Saint louis, the most beautiful city in Senegal, is the former capital. It is full of culture and history.

Cross the Gambia. It is considered by some as the most beautiful region of the country and the breadbasket of Senegal. It owes its name to the river and has many islets. With tropical vegetation, rice paddies and mangroves, let’s discover Ziguinchor and its old colonial houses, the beaches of Cap Skirring, Oussouye with its multi-storey huts, … Between the culture of hospitality and the contact with the inhabitants, you will multiply the discoveries.

L’île de Gorée est située non loin au large de Dakar. Symbole de la période de transit des esclavage. Elle a ouvert plusieurs musées comme le Musée de la Femme ou La Maison des Esclaves. Cette île aussi silencieuse s’ouvre est calme avec un passée tragique de l’histoire.


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