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How to organise an incentive trip? An incentive trip is an activity planned by a company as a bonus or reward to motivate employees to achieve their goals. In this way, the involvement of the employee is increased, creating a better relationship between the people of the company.

Entrepreneurs have found that incentive travel is an effective tool for building customer loyalty, motivating the sales force, teambuilding and promoting the company. This initiative has become a powerful marketing weapon.  Some companies include this trip in their budget for a trip once a year.

Everyone loves to travel. It’s always a rewarding experience, which helps to strengthen the bonds between colleagues.  These are moments that remain engraved in the memory.

Incentive travel Cicotour
How to organise an incentive trip? If the incentive trip is well organised, all the money the company invests in it will be beneficial to the company, improving the final results. But for this, the event must have a list of characteristics:

The objective to be achieved must be very clear and well defined. The objective must be very clear and well defined: to strengthen motivation, loyalty towards employees, suppliers or customers, to create new markets, to strengthen teamwork and to improve the company’s image.

Incentive travel Cicotour

The trip must be well organised, with convenient transport, respect of schedules and quality hotels. Moreover, the animation, the organisation of games or activities, must be aimed at achieving the objectives given by the company.

Use the trip to train employees. There will always be some free time where the participants do not know how to do. You can carry out activities, such as fun games. This is known as gamification.
It is the ideal context to get to know your colleagues, to strengthen the relationships between people. In this way, the company can be more efficient and productive in a natural way.
The customers who participate will get to know their suppliers or service providers more personally, increasing loyalty and complicity between them.

How to organise an incentive trip?

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