Motorbike or quad Motorbike tours, criss-cross Senegal : it is to escape, to empty and let the road guide you.

It is to travel through a vast and immense territory with landscapes as diverse as they are surprising.

Motorbike or quad tours

It is discovering a singular culture, a multitude of sites full of interests, enriching attractions and colourful and authentic events. But it also means enjoying a typically creative gastronomy. Above all, it’s about allowing yourself to escape from the frenzy of the big cities, without compromising on the quality of the services offered!

From Dakar to Saint louis, then Djoudj, towards the Lompoul Desert by going to the Saloum Islands, then towards Casamance without forgetting also Gambia and finally cross the region of Tambacounda.

However between raid and walk, there are routes for all tastes. With a few clues, our motorcycle travel experts will know how to please you!

Opting for motorcycle or quad tours with Cicotour agence voyages sur mesure, is also to experience a multitude of sensations: visual, olfactory, sensory.

Motorbike or quad tours Take a ride on a motorbike or quad tours in the savannah, then big baobab forests will roll to the rhythm of its vibrations and the hum of its engine. You will quickly let yourself be bewitched by the beauty of the landscapes that parade before your eyes. All these sensations contribute to immerse you fully in the world of travel.

Motorbike or quad tours in Senegal, it is to discover during beautiful sessions of wrinkles breathtaking landscapes, punctuated by superb stages in charming accommodations! A trip to Senegal by motorcycle is a must for all motorcyclists. You are on the edge of the world and ride through a landscape as diverse as it is bewitching. On the small winding roads along the coast or in the heart of the bush, you will discover the splendour of Senegal by motorcycle.

Magnificent discoveries at your fingertips!

Motorbike or quad tours

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