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Bassari Country

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Bassari Country

The cultural landscape of Bassari country is located in south-eastern Senegal, close to the Mali and Guinean borders, in a hilly territory, formed by the northern foothills of the Fouta Djallon Massif. Two distinct geographic environments feature the region: the alluvial plain and the peneplain to the north and the mountains to the south. The former exhibit a mosaic of cultivated patches, pastures, bushes, the latter, relatively high and sheer, are dotted with several natural caves and have offered an environment particularly advantageous for the establishment of different cultural clusters and their defence. Archaeological evidences of early human occupation abound in the area.

The property comprises three different geo-cultural areas: the Bassari country – Salémata, the Bedik – Bandafassi and the Fula – Dindéfello areas, each exhibiting specific morphological and cultural traits. In this barely accessible region, but rich in natural resources and biodiversity, the Bassari, Fula and Bedik peoples settled and developed specific cultures, symbiotic with the surrounding natural environment. Until the last century, inhabited villages were grouped and located on rises, so as to control the plains, and consisted of round thatched huts congregated around a central space. Today dispersion and impermanence are the main traits of the Bassari settlements, the populations choosing to live close to the fields. Ancient villages are nowadays used only periodically for ritual ceremonies or festivals.

The property and its associated cultural expressions bear outstanding witness to the cultural specificity and interaction between the Bassari/Beliyan, Bedik, and Fula people in agro-pastoral, social, ritual and spiritual practices, and represent an outstanding, original response to natural environmental constraints and anthropic pressures, so as to use wisely the limited resources of the area.

In theBassari Country The Bassari cultural landscape bears witness to peculiar uses of the land, including crop rotation and manuring, communal sowing, weeding and harvesting and commuting practices imposed by traditional agricultural systems and by the relative scarcity of resources, thus representing an outstanding example of human interaction with a vulnerable environment.

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Day 1: Arrival and transfer to Saly

Arrival in Dakar assistance and transfer to the hotel At Salim or a hotel in Dakar for the night


Departure in the morning, then direction Joal Fadiouth is particularly called the shellfish island, Fadiouth and undoubtedly the prettiest village in the country. These two distinct villages are one of the most interesting places in Senegal.

Separated only by a wooden bridge, in reality they are only one. If Joal owes its celebrity the fact that the first President of Senegal, Léopold Sédar Senghor. Thus was born there and evoked them in his works. However Fadiouth, very picturesque, Indeed its originality and its granaries on stilts make it a traditional African village, while its second originality is its floor that creak under your feet and is dazzling, under the midday sun, if the blind raw whiteness is that here everything is in shell: the soil, the houses, the roads, the cemetery. Muslims and Catholics are also united in a good example of tolerance and solidarity (90% Christians and 10% Muslims) Then continue to Palmarin lodge or Simal lodge Dinner and overnight.


Departure in the morning Departure in the morning for wassadou A long transfer local lunch in the course of road. Then continuation on wassadou. Check in at the lodge room and inside toilet, often there may be hot water problem but we can always request that you heat the water in a bucket for your shower and well being. Relax by the river to admire hippos and baboons on the Gambia River.


Departure in the morning after breakfast. Thus a beautiful walk on the river to commune with nature, to discover hippopotamus, crocodiles, monkeys and many species of birds. Then continuation after lunch on Mako, visit of typical villages in road course. Overnight in a camp at the river opposite the foothills of Fouta djalon, a beautiful panoramic view and a beautiful layer of sunshine typically African.


After breakfast, departure in the morning for Kedougou direction to the countries of the Bases. Installation at the Kédougou Relay. Free lunch. Departure then for the visit of the village Bédick d'Iwol. (A rather exhausting walk awaits you before you reach the top of the hill where the Bédicks live to better preserve their beliefs and customs.) Return to the hotel Dinner and overnight

This locality includes the highest concentration of the mysterious ethnic group of Bassari. Mainly for a true responsible and sustainable tourism in all their facets. However, we are disconnected by being in permanent direct contact with nature and the famous indigenous tribes who will then share with us their way of life in the most original body. Lunch and return to the hotel


Departure after breakfast to discover the waterfalls of Dindefelo, in the heart of the Bassaras as for designer at the foot of the mountain in the language of poular, is this famous waterfall which is the most beautiful attraction of the country Bassari. Like a real gem hidden in the depths of a labyrinth, Dindéfélo is always desired before welcoming you to its haven of peace, tranquility, fascination ... Lunch at the edge of waterfalls, then swimming and return to the hotel.

Day 7 : Long transfer to saly

Long transfer to saly

Day 8 : relax at the beach

relax at the beach BB in a small hotel then transfer at night to the airport for dinner in a typical African restaurant.

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