Cruise on the Senegal River

Cruise on the Senegal River

From Saint-Louis, the former capital of the AOF located on the Atlantic Ocean, to Podor, the former trading post on the shores of the Sahara front, experience a unique cruise in Africa aboard the Bou el Mogdad. This mythical boat, once the only link between the populations of the River Valley, now invites you to relive the Route des Comptoirs.

Cruise on the Senegal River

Along the rivers and streams, magnificent landscapes can be seen, and the treasures of the fauna and flora of northern Senegal are waiting for you. As you meander along the meanders of the river, go and discover an authentic and local population with an unforgettable smile, in the villages of the semi-Sahara.

From stage to stage, the old trading posts are revealed, full of history. Take the time to understand this riverside people, the meeting, the change of scenery, on the Port – Tribord Bouel el Mogdad.

Renovated in 2015, the boat now has 25 cabins of all sizes, not one is the same, and that is what makes its charm. Composed of a covered terrace and a solarium, you can simply contemplate the landscape or read in the shade of the sun, nestled in rattan armchairs. The 3 decks offer different cabins: the standards do not offer sanitary facilities – these are available in common – the comforts and suites are air-conditioned.

  • Cruise on the Senegal RiverThe Bou El Mogdad was at that time a more than indispensable tool for the transport of mail, food, water and raw materials in the colonial counters, road and rail transport being non-existent.

    On the other hand, THE Senegal River Cruise

    If you are ready to let go and are sensitive to the history of a country and its people
    If your heart is overwhelmed when a child takes you by the hand to show you his village
    If your mind is open to the generosity that the locals can offer through their smiles, songs and dances
    If you are looking for serenity and absolute authenticity
    If you want to live a timeless experience
    We leave Saint Louis for Podor (3 ½ h drive). The Senegal River takes us to discover a region off the beaten track: lush landscapes populated by countless birds, colonial trading posts forgotten by time, remote villages with terribly endearing people… This is the only boat that sails the river, and it is not just any boat. The magic happens right away

    Cruise on the Senegal River

    From Podor we sail to Thiangaye. We go for a stroll to discover Podor with our guide Ansou (a real living encyclopaedia which combines his knowledge of the country with his quirky humour!). An old trading post, this small town is relatively well preserved and captivates us by the atmosphere full of history which reigns there. Spices and fabrics brought by the Moors were traded there, as well as gold.

  • Cruise on the Senegal RiverAround 10 am, we will be on this so peaceful river and in the afternoon, we will embark on the barge for the visit of a Toucouleur village (“ethnic group”, a cultural group of Muslim faith). We share a slice of life with the villagers in their clay villages. At nightfall, we enjoy a méchoui by the light of the storm lamps. We continue our descent of the river, between Senegal and Mauritania to arrive in Rosso, a border town where pirogues are waiting for passengers, animals, vehicles to be transported across the banks.

    We will continue up the river, bordering Senegal and Mauritania. Etc

  • Cruise on the Senegal River  Rescue, from a long history… 
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