Dakar capital of Sénégal

DAKAR capital of Sénégal cosmopolitan city

A metropolitan city, political, military, economic, social and cultural, Dakar is a city that is both cosmopolitan, African and European, it has more than 2.5 million inhabitants.

DAKAR capital of Sénégal : main attractions:

The presidential palace – the IFAN museum (dedicated to the arts and traditions of West Africa) – the markets of Sandaga, Tilène (the most typical markets not to be missed) and Kermel – then the Great Mosque – Place de Independence and its surroundings – Then, Hann Park (a small forest park listing all the vegetal regions of Senegal and the zoo).


DAKAR capital of Sénégal calls the Cape Verde Peninsula are delimited by 2 points: the Almadies point to the west and the N’Gor, Yoff and Cambérène beaches to the north. Cape Manuel to the south. Besides visiting Dakar, the peninsula has many interests.

main places to visit:

Les Mamelles (2 volcanic hills, one of which supports the most powerful lighthouse in Africa) – Almadies – point N’Gor (the island of artists)Yoff (small fishing port) – Soumbédioune market (the large artisanal village with more than 500 artisans). Magdalen Islands National Park (for bird lovers with protected ecosystems).

DAKAR capital of Sénégal


The island of Gorée lies off the coast of Senegal, opposite Dakar. From the 15th to the 19th century, it was the largest slave-trading centre on the African coast. Ruled in succession by the Portuguese, Dutch, English and French, its architecture is characterized by the contrast between the grim slave-quarters and the elegant houses of the slave traders. Today it continues to serve as a reminder of human exploitation and as a sanctuary for reconciliation.

Historic site but listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its ocher facades painted the color with bougainville. Goree, with an area of ​​28 hectares, exerts an extraordinary charm for the visitors. Then, it gives a particular emotion while walking in the narrow and silent constraints.DAKAR capital of Sénégal

Goree and its history: the island has been three centuries where many Africans embarked and enslaved.

Conflict between Portuguese, Dutch, French and English. So, he keeps the historical traces of these occupants. Today Goree is considered a place of memory, pilgrimage and meditation.

Access to Gorée is made by ferry from the port of Dakar, Dakar fifteen minutes.

  Gorée and its attractions

The port, the slave house, the women’s museum, Fort d’Estrées, the prehistoric museum and simply visit the island on foot through its colorful and flowery streets. However, cars do not have access to the island.

DAKAR capital of Sénéga

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