The region of Casamance

The region of Casamance

A real Africa, like postcard, with fruits, deep forests and vast beaches, Casamance is in the south of Gambia is a unique region of Senegal. Above all Lower Casamance (western part) is the most turisticaLa lush tropical vegetation and culture of the Diola people apart from the rest of the country and make it a region to itself, then. visit the capital Ziguinchor, the beautiful beaches of Cap Skirring or trace the Casamance River with its dense mangroves.

The region of Casamance: Probably the most beautiful of the region. Indeed, dense forests, beaches lined with coconut trees from Cap Skirring to Abene, islands and mangroves, rather mysterious villages with prestigious hotel chains are established.

Casamance Medium and High is a transition with the eastern part of the country and promotes the practice of hunting. Bolong and mangroves are rare and the forest is less dense while the rice fields are numerous. The inhabitants have preserved their originality and their traditions without folklore.


In a position of Bolong and lagoons, Kafountine, fishing village and Abene constitute the sea of ​​less developed areas of Senegal. The hinterland and beaches are beautiful, the population is generally welcoming and warm. It is also the domain of surf-casting fishermen.

Main attractions: The music festival in late December. its beautiful beaches of Abene – the return of the fishermen on the beach of Kafountine – the ornithological reserve Kassel (in the middle of the mangrove reserve you go by canoe)

– A multitude of fish (beams, bows, captains, huge Ombrini) for memorable fishing trip.

The region of Casamance


You can embark on a piroga De Elinkine, a large fishing village. The island was the first French commercial outpost in Casamance. The colonial buildings are now all in ruins, but it bears witness to the historic period in the cemetery along the beach, which houses the tombs of French settlers and sailors.

In the ancient times of the capital of the region, the island at the mouth of the river, sopprattuto retains traces of an earlier administrative town of the first floor.

Main attraction: Beautiful body of water and beaches


The region of Casamance

: The city of Oussouye

Indeed, geographical crossroads of Lower Casamance is the center of Oussouye of a region full of animism and organized in small kingdoms. He organizes many diolations and big fights in December in particular.


Principles of attraction:

The Capana impluvium of Enampore Seleki and are one of the characteristics of the Casamance, can be used both for the recovery of rainwater to let in light. Campsites designed in this style are offered to tourists as a means of accommodation.


The region of Casamance

The Capskiring

A popular seaside resort with an airport, Cap Skirring offers the best beaches in Senegal.

Super stations on 5 km of beautiful beaches lined with coconut trees.

The main attractions of Casamance

Indeed, the beaches and relaxation, sports and water activities (horse riding), you can fish, but also beautiful walks in the most beautiful coastal villages like Boukotte Diola, Bouyouye Diembéring offers you to discover the culture of Diola and immense secuoie old and secular


The region of Casamance : This less sandy tourist zone makes the transition between the southern forest zone and the savannah of eastern Senegal. In fact, the landscapes are always very beautiful.

Main attractionsin The region of Casamance

You can visit SEDHIOU the Casamance River and its surroundings, a very quiet area, with regular evening entertainment and beautiful scenery. Hunting is possible thanks to the presence of many rented areas.