We offer tourist services which are linked to accommodation, car rental, quad biking, fishing, golf, private transfers, VIP assistance, escapade, plane tickets, events, seminars, bilingual tourist guides.
We deal with all the specific questions related to the heart of the tourism business by guiding you and providing you with all types of leisure activities.
While reducing the waiting time by giving you a quality of service according to your choice.
Our relationship with local service providers allows us to develop a wide range of products and services related to tourism which allows us to develop several activities that will make your stay pleasant.

It is easy to visit Senegal but it becomes too complicated when we are forced to find the right places, flights, hotels and attractions at low cost.
Affordable and safe services in a foreign country whose language we don’t know.

Activities to do during our stay and transport services that allow us to not have a hard time at the airport and in our different trips, this is when the travel agency Cicotour can change your experience because it avoids the tedious research that often brings us more confusion than information.

This does not mean, of course, that comfort does not lead to higher prices for products and services.
Indeed, it is not uncommon for there to be a higher margin than we would pay if we could have and contract everything separately, but the time and headaches we save justify it.

Cicotour builds your holiday piece by piece, providing you with information about the historical, cultural or natural heritage of the site you are visiting and the services we offer.
In some cases tourist services may include the presence of a guide on the trips.

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