Travel agency in Dakar

Travel agency in Dakar CICOTOUR:  First of all, we would like to inform you that all our consultants are native specialists in your destination. They will also share with you their advice and their little secrets to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Based in Senegal, they are at your disposal 6 days a week to help you plan the trip of your dreams. The Professional Guides are the travel agents you’ve been waiting for in 2021! More than ever, call on professionals to book your holidays.

Advice, help, support, Cheikh Niang and his team are all true “travel coaches – the most significant example”.

Travel agency in Dakar cicotour with 19 years of experience, seeks to make you share Senegal, like Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea in complete safety. In the end stay in touch with our local agents from Senegal, or 100% online, don’t look for a travel agency anymore, but, you have found the rare pearl. Let Go!

Senegal is a flagship destination for ecotourism because of the richness and diversity of its natural environment. During your stay in Senegal, you will enjoy a landscape of mountains, lush forests, dune deserts, savannah and bush…

Travel agency in Dakar

In the footsteps of the wonders of nature. Senegal is a fabulous landscape of savannah and baobab trees, the Lompoul desert and the ornithological park of Dioudj, the great, Saloum delta. Diving down to the Senegal River, the island of Gorée will make you live its dark history of slavery, leading you from surprise to surprise. Further north, the wilderness of Casamance on the small coast of Côte à Saly, and in the sumptuous Rocky Mountains of the Bassary countries. The pink lake and its dune depressions, the beauty of nature in its raw state is there for you. Tailor-made escapes are the answer to the expectations of the many travellers looking for authentic experiences.

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