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Travelling to Senegal, a country with 365 days of sunshine a year, is of great interest to tourists, as it has a small time difference with Europe (1 or 2 hours depending on the season).
The population is particularly warm and hospitable.
However, birdwatchers or simply lovers will not miss exploring the Djoudj National Bird Park (classified as the 3rd largest bird reserve in the world) or the Niokolo Koba National Park, where we still encounter many of Africa’s unique animal species, not to mention the Saloum Delta National Park.

We put at your disposal several and different itineraries to visit Senegal – a country with multiple facets – as well as the ways to use (the cruise of the Bou el Mogdad on the Senegal river an unforgettable adventure to meet the local population).

Travels to Senegal

The political stability and cohesion of Senegalese society is a boon for enjoying a superb travel environment in Senegal in complete peace and security.
“Travel to Senegal, the gateway to Black Africa, less than 5.5 hours’ flight from Europe, with its 700 kilometres of fine sandy beaches. You will visit the beach of Kayar where miraculous fishes are landed, the park of Niokolo-Koba, where lions and elephants, hippopotamuses and buffaloes live freely…”

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