Saint Louis of Senegal and the river region


Bassari Country
Eastern Senegal


Tour : Senegambia
The region of Casamance, Eastern Senegal, The Little Coast and its Beaches, Sine Saloum, Dakar capital of Sénégal, Saint Louis of Senegal and the river region


Tour Teranga
Sine Saloum, The Little Coast and its Beaches, Saint Louis of Senegal and the river region


Tour tam-tam
The region of Casamance


Tour of Sénégal
Sine Saloum, The Little Coast and its Beaches, The region of Casamance, Eastern Senegal, Dakar capital of Sénégal


Tours in Senegal

Cicotour will offer you all the ideal conditions for your tours in Senegal and discoveries while growing your soul in paradisiacal places.

for a greater efficiency of your trips, tailor-made stays and groups, individuals or families. guarantees

and secures you with a team of legendary hospitality. Authentic tours in a country of hospitality and teranga, a melting pot of culture and human diversity.

Senegal is a great symphony of interbreeding, religious, ethnic and cultural tolerance and openness. Tour in senegal: Cicotour with a fundamental

dimension of culture, a hospitality based on a rich and creative authenticity: Diversity of landscapes, beauty of sites, a range of leisure activities and flavors of cuisine.

Thus we take great care to offer you the most iconic images in the best conditions. Thus you will appreciate an original Senegal.

tours-in-senegal-cicotour comes first to Senegal for an atmosphere that does not exist anywhere else, neither in Africa nor in Europe. Everywhere in the cities the architecture is largely marked by a French colonial epic. From its capital Dakar. Several possibilities of circuits open up. For travelers who like to discover the most beautiful, rich and natural sites of the country, while passing through: To the South-East, a region that is still perfectly natural and preserved. Great tropical forests with the Dindeferlo waterfalls. Truly breathtaking. Far away from the classic tourist itineraries.

Tours in Senegal

At the extreme south-east, there is a preserved region. Cicotour takes you from the bush to the tropical forest, above the foothills of the Fouta Djalon. You will be

fascinated by the tribes of the Bassari country and Bedik villages, the waterfalls of Dindefello . Superb circuit for nature lovers and the richness of diversity.A tours in Senegal is the guarantee of a change of scenery and punctuated by unforgettable encounters:

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