Fishing in Senegal

Affordable stays, a wide variety of fish, the beauty of this West African country and the traditional hospitality of its people make Senegal a popular and popular fishing destination. In addition, in this former French colony, French is widely spoken. Senegal is a small West African country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west (530 km of coastline with fish). The climate is tropical and dry with two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. You can fish in Casamance, on the Petite côte, in the lagoons, mangroves, deltas… Fishermen know well Carabane, Cap Skirring, Siné Saloun, N’Gor, Saint-Louis, as many famous fishing spots in sea, brackish water or fresh water.
Senegal has long been one of the most popular fishing destinations in the world. But here, you don’t tease the gudgeon and you don’t have to be lightly equipped to take to the sea when attacked by certain sea monsters. It is the diversity of Senegalese aquatic environments that makes the diversity of fish species: the cold waters of the Grande Côte, the volcanic rocky bottoms of the Cape Verde peninsula, the warm waters of Casamance, the bolongs of Sine-Saloum, etc… You will see sharks, jacks, coryphenes, red carp, marlins, swordfish, sea trout, tuna, sea bass, barracudas, groupers, captains, etc…
Three types of fishing are offered to sport fishermen from all over the world: sea fishing, mangrove fishing and river fishing. These environments are also exploited for artisanal fishing: the Senegalese are a fishing people. The thousands of colourful pirogues stranded on the beach between two fishing trips are proof of this. Perhaps you will find artisanal fishermen who agree to put you over the helm, but this is at your own risk and peril? Even though these fishing professionals are dugout artists! If you don’t dare to get on board (and we understand you!) you can be content to admire the ballet of colourful dugout canoes in the early morning from the beaches of the small fishing ports near Dakar and along the Petit Côte. Facing the helm, the dugout canoes and their pirogues rise almost vertically in the waves! Enjoy the spectacle as the end of these traditional pirogues, so beautifully decorated with colours and spicy slogans to ward off bad luck, is announced. The Senegalese fishermen, as elsewhere, will be forced to use the fibreglass boats known as Yamaha hulls… The end of an era. This will not prevent, of course, the sport fishermen from Europe to stay on the beaches to practice surf-casting and reap beautiful emotions …
The tourist vocation of sport fishing in Senegal is favoured by numerous infrastructures, very good and well-equipped fishing clubs and excellent fishing guides. Senegal is regularly at the top of the international sport fishing championships and several catch records have been approved on the country’s coasts. The best season for big game fishing is from June to October. But other types of fishing are possible all year round: longlining, casting, trolling, rappala, etc.

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