Guided tours in Senegal

A tour in Senegal means discovering the fauna, flora, culture and heritage of a whole country. In this West African country.

There are migratory birds, which can be found on the Djoudj river; giant cheese trees, with 60 meters high; there are also the dunes of the Lompoul desert, in the North West. But not forgetting Dakar and its culture, its very young population and its animation. And then the island of Gorée, cradled in the Atlantic, & evoking a high place of memory of the slave trade. Saint-Louis, its cobbled streets, its picturesque buildings and colonial houses, the multi-storey huts in the middle of the bush, the meanders of the Saloum delta, to be explored by pirogue…

Guided tours in Senegal: Dakar – Gorée –

Pink Lake – Lompoul Desert – Langue de Barbarie –

St-Louis – Djoudj Park – Kaolack – Ziguinchor –

Carabane Island – Oussouye – Cap Skirring – Toubakouta – Sipo – Popenguine